TARGET MUSCLES – Get to the ‚ÄúCORE‚ÄĚ of Stabilization – By Julie Twynham

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Jun 28 2005

Helping patrons get the most out of the WaterARTTM programs and doing it right is the primary responsibility of the fitness professional. Probably the greatest feature of water training is the constant abdominal and core stabilization training potential. Additionally, abdominals may be effectively targeted in the pain free environment of the water.
Part of exercise

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Healthy Benefits Of Water Fitness – By Julie Twynham

Fitness, Health, Water Fitness | Posted by Ang
Jun 28 2005
There is a common fallacy that exercise in the water is only suited for the elderly, the injured, or the overweight participant. Another false notion amongst many consumers is that you cannot get a “good workout” or improve performance with water exercise. Sure, as with any workout you may cheat yourself and float; however the water fitness programs of today are much more result oriented, as a result, an increasing number of educated and motivated professionals that have found the power of the liquid gym. Research shows that all levels of abilities may be greatly benefited with either shallow or deep water depths and programming.¬†


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Top Ten Benefits of a Water Workout — By Angela K. De Haan-Lovaas

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Jun 28 2005

It’s Social 

“After discussing this subject with several of my water aerobics classmates the consensus was that the most important benefit is the wonderful friendships we have made. While exercising we visit, sharing our good times and bad, sometimes to the exasperation of the instructors. 

These friendships carry over to our lives outside the pool. After our exercises we have a social hour where we meet at a fast food restaurant and visit or take part in the group doing cross word puzzles. We have a wonderful time while learning new words and facts. Our once-a-month birthday lunches, the picnic in summer at the home of one of our classmates, and the Christmas potluck party at the City Recreation Center are just a few of the outside benefits that can be directly attributed to the participation in water aerobics.

In addition to the recreational benefits, we are on call for each other in time of illness or other need.‚ÄĚ

Marge Peterson

Join in the fun with friends new and old as you improve and maintain your fitness level. A water fitness class has a very social atmosphere, allowing you to meet knew people. After continuing to participate you become part of a caring family, a family that looks after you and makes sure that everything is going ok.

Muscle Strengthening
Everyone wants to increase their body strength. By using the resistance created by movement through the water in repetitions of specific exercises muscle strength and endurance is increased. There are also tools such as barbells, bands, balls, and noodles available to increase the resistance of the water to help build stronger muscles. My favorite tool of resistance training is the bands which have helped me to increase muscle strength in my lower back and shoulders.

Range of motion (ROM) and Flexibility
Flexibility is an important part of just getting out of bed. The water allows for and enables stretching by deceasing the affect of muscle tightness. Water relaxes the muscles and allows for greater ROM. Many have said that after taking aquatic classes, including stretching exercises, a few times a week for a couple of months has helped them to have increased ROM, increased energy, and less fatigue.

Core Body Strengthening for Body Posture and Balance           

“The daily exercises help me maintain my strength and power.¬†Starting around age forty we begin to loose muscle.¬†I believe some of this is being avoided with water aerobics as it helps me maintain movement and balance.”

Carmen Stanislao

Core body strength is important for Body Posture and Balance. By performing specific exercises that increase core body muscle strength your body posture improves and helps, especially in women, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other conditions resulting from aging. Core body muscle strength also helps to improve balance by using water resistance and learning to catch yourself when you fall. The exercises will also help to teach your body to react faster to regain balance.

Increased Cardiovascular Activity
In 2002 it is estimated that 70,100,000 had one or more forms of cardiovascular Disease.¬†According to The American Heart Association Cardiovascular Disease is still the nation’s #1 cause of death.¬†Many people are finding that performing a cardiovascular workout in the water is easier on their joints and muscles than on land.¬†Cardiovascular strengthening occurs in water workouts by increasing water resistance, intensity, duration, and ROM.¬†

Weight Loss
The underlying reason for most people to workout is weight loss. Using water exercise as part of a weight loss program allows you to, in many cases, double the amount of calories burned during your workout. Water resistance used efficiently will help to work your muscles effectively to burn more calories.

Injury Rehabilitation
With the emphasis on sports in our society today, many athletes are getting injured whether from practice or during games. These days many physicians have been directing patients to use the water to improve muscle strength around injuries, in a safe, low impact environment, which helps to reduce pain and speed recovery time. In some cases, depending on the injury, individuals may decrease the time spent in rehabilitation by up to 50%. [1]

Increase Your Energy Level
By getting moving, increasing your heart rate, and increasing the burning of fat calories, one can live a happier healthier lifestyle. When you feel good you have more energy to get through all of your planned activities.

Relieve Joint Pain
For those with joint swelling or the pain of arthritis water helps reduce the swelling and pain by supporting and reducing the effect of gravity. This reduction of gravity provides safe, low impact environment for movement during exercise.

Get a Massage
Who knew, just by walking through the water you can receive a massage? How is this possible? We have been talking about using the resistance of the water during exercise to accomplish our fitness goals. In the long run we find that a surprising benefit of the resistance is a massage received as the water gently pushes against the muscles during movement through the water.


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Angela K. De Haan-Lovaas is a Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor with both Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and WaterART Fitness, and several Certifications with the American Red Cross. She also has a Teaching Certification in Technology Education with a Health Education Minor. She has been teaching Aquatic Fitness Classes for five years and teaching Swimming Lessons for six years.


[1] By using WaterART protocols for rehabilitation some individuals have reported a 50% decrease in the time spent recovering from ACL injuries.