Today we have many options for our fitness needs. Whether you enjoy running, biking, land aerobics, or weight lifting you may be interested in learning that you can get the same enjoyment out of working-out in the water with less stress on your body. By utilizing the water as your resistance you are able to increase strength and endurance without the harshness of gravity being forced against your joints. Below you can find out about programs available, special population programs, facilities providing aquatic fitness programs, and groups or organizations available to join. Some of the popular workout programs available are:

Swimming Workouts
Swimming Workouts consist of swimming laps to achieve a specified outcome. Workouts can be designed to increase speed, endurance, and strength for a specific stroke. Swimming laps is a total body workout and can be used during the off-season or in conjunction with a sports specific workout.

Cardio Workouts
As on land an aquatic cardio workout is meant to get the blood pumping and make you sweat.  We use simple movements in combination without neglecting range of motion to help you maintain a healthy cardiovascular lifestyle.

Aquatic Jogging Workouts
Aquatic Jogging Workouts use the water resistance for increasing strength and decreasing the effects of gravity on joints.  By using a float belt an individual may ‘run’ in the water without impact on joints and work on cardiovascular health.  In many cases water jogging has been used as a rehabilitation method for sports related injuries.

Aquatic Strengthening and Toning Workouts
By using the resistance of the water along with specialized equipment we can use the water to safely increase strength and tone our body.  As with weight lifting equipment, the specialized aquatic equipment can help increase the resistance against the muscle being focused on.  While working on muscle strength, the water helps to support and cushion your joints and prevent injury.

Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized Swimming is an Olympic sport that combines endurance, choreography and swimming. The idea behind synchronized swimming is for the swimmer to look effortless and graceful while performing challenging routines, in a synchronized style with other swimmers. It is combination of swimming, diving, gymnastics, and dance.

It is always a plus if you are a good swimmer, but many synchronized swimmers start out slowly and work their way up to being very good swimmers. All you need is a love of the water, love of music and a healthy team spirit.

Special Population Programs Available
There are many programs available for rehabilitation from injuries and other medical conditions. The following programs are specific to individual needs.

Millions of people suffer from Arthritis in varies joints with varies levels of pain. The following links will take you to information on available programs from different organizations.  

WaterART Fitness Arthritis Programs

Arthritis Foundation

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