Its been awhile…

Posted by Ang
Jan 10 2010

Sometimes life just gets in the way.  I have been pretty busy with working full time and taking my classes.  I haven’t had anytime to write new posts as of late.  So, I thought today I would try and get a short post written. 

We are now into the new year, a time when most have made new years resolutions.  I am actualy one of the few who have not made any.  I decided several years ago that if I was going to make a resolution then the first of the year was not necessarily the time to do.  Resolutions to improve health, fitness, lifestyle, etc. should be made anytime of the year and when you are ready to hold firm with the support of your family and friends.  Your family and friends may actually be the ones to help you get through the hard times. 

Remember if you are serious about making a change, make them attainable.  Sometimes small steps work much better than trying to do everything all at once.  What I mean is, that if you are trying to loose weight, diets are not necessarily the answer.  Changing your portion size and adding one to two more hours of physical activity a week will be easier to adjust to than if you stop eating and add in one to two hours of physical activity seven days a week.

For those of you who have made resolutions, I wish you success in whatever you are reaching for.

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