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Looking for a Workout Buddy?

Fitness, Health | Posted by Ang
Jul 21 2009

Have you wanted to start working out, but haven’t been able to get yourself motivated enough to actually take that first step?  I just received a newsletter from Spark People reminding me how hard it is to make yourself get going on your own.  A ‘buddy’ to workout with is extremely helpful.  If you are looking for someone to help you, out check out this article at Spark People.

As a side note Spark People is a nutritional website with a simple mission to help millions of people live healthier lives and reach their goals.

Working on Swimming Endurance

Fitness, Health, Water Fitness | Posted by Ang
Jul 13 2009

During the Course in which I participated last term I worked on both strength and endurance.  One of the tests I used for checking my progress was a 12 min swim.  I found this test by searching endurance swimming tests and found the following directions from the University of Michigan website:

This lab allows you to use whatever stroke you are comfortable with and compare your results to your age group.  You can also use the results to keep track of your improvement by repeating the swim every 2-3 weeks.

Nutritional Websites

Health, Nutrition | Posted by Ang
Jul 01 2009

During my participation in the Advanced Fitness and Performance Training Course from Eastern Oregon University we delved into the topic of nutrition.  I would like to pass on a couple of the websites which we utilized during the course.

The first site is from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion,  This site allows you to create an account for free to keep track of not only your food intake for the day, but also your activity level.  After inputting your information into the system it allows you to calculate comparisons for Dietary Guidelines, Your Personal Nutrient Intake, Your Personal Nutritional Stats, and Your Healthy Eating History.

The second site also allows you to keep track of your food intake and physical activity as well.  It is sponsored by Spark People,  Their mission is simple:  to help millions of people live healthier lives and reach their goals.  They have a multitude of information on healthier eating habits, to healthy recipes, along with other healthy living tips.

I hope that these may be of help to those of you looking to improve your health and nutrition.